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Slyde Handboards

Slyde Handboards - Wedge - Hipster

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Shred hard on this epic beast and bring out your inner Hipster. Love 'em or hate 'em, they bring a certain style and this board will make you shred harder and get so barreled you're gonna want you to wear short shorts and grow a beard, maybe even buy a vintage bike. One things for sure you'll need more pomade for that awesome new "Doo" you're sporting after riding this speed stick.

This sick speed stick comes with all amenities like your favorite pair of distressed jeans, GoPro insert to keep your GP safe as houses and leash plug to reduce "swim to beach" time, increase selfies and get shacked time! This is the beginning of the future, Urethane core, 2 ounce cloth and a high tensile PXT Flak jacket with crisp clear screen printed graphics, sharp rails and epic Slyde Wedge shape.


Materials: Epoxy, urethane, fiberglass and 3mm Flak Jacket high tensile laminate.

Weight : 650gm / 22oz with strap.

Dimensions: 19.8in / 50.2cm X 10.1in / 26.7cm.

Overall: Tight rails with a deep single concave and double swallow tail with wings/ nubs for wave face grip.

Wave Size: Handles well in all wave types Excels in anything over 3-4 feet.

Skill Level: The wedge shape is another great all round wave board pick the right conditions you feel most comfortable in and she will do the rest.